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Event Spotlight: Terex Demo Days

Terex Cranes in Waverly, IA contacted us looking for support to execute their "Demo Days" event in August 2015.

Terex reached out for help due to the complex logistics involved in pulling off an event at their facility in the heat of August. Doing so would require many different vendors and staff to execute.

Over four days, over 300 guests were hosted at the Terex Facility. Monday and Tuesday's guests included Executives from some of their key accounts, while Wednesday and Thursday brought in prospective clients.

Guests attended a Welcome Reception at Park Place Event Centre where they had the opportunity to network and participate in creating a piece of FingerSmear artwork with artist Kelly Sullivan.

The following day was spent touring the Terex facility in Waverly and attending educational sessions and product demonstrations.

A majority of time was spent outdoors and so planning involved needs such as portable restrooms, a mobile refrigeration truck, an air conditioned tent, bleachers, beverage stations throughout the grounds, shade tents and electrical hookups.

The EventConnect team managed over 50 vendor contacts and staff during the event. The days included lunches from Sunrise Catering in Readlyn, coffee and snacks from Waverly Hy-Vee and popcorn from Popcorn Heaven.

The big challenge came in the afternoons on Tuesday and Thursday. Production ended at 3:30 p.m. and then came the task to transform the shop floor for an "elegant industrial" dinner at 6 p.m.

While setup began on the shop floor for dinner, setup also began in the tent on the grounds for the afterparty. Decor incorporated Terex's colors red and black.

Outdoor furniture was rented from CORT Events and created a comfortable setting.

Both areas included fully stocked bars featuring craft beers & local wines. featured their their HOGZILLA rotisserie to slow-roast on-site throughout the day. Attendees enjoyed stopping by to watch the hog and the aroma built up the anticipation for dinner.

Dinner consisted of a six-course authentic hog roast on the shop floor. The menu included pulled pork/smoked hog sandwiches on hawaiian pretzel buns, Dallas Center butterflied chicken, baked beans garnished with hickory smoked bacon, pasta salad, coleslaw with a poppyseed base, corn bread muffins.

With the help of Hilltop Weddings, the ceilings were draped and the large space was sectioned off with drapery to give a more intimate feel. Lighting helped to transform the space.

Centerpieces incorporated industrial elements from Terex's facility.

After the dinners, guests moved outdoors to enjoy live entertainment by Brad Myers Music.

Details such as cupcakes adorned with the Terex logo, branding elements throughout and interactive displays helped to make the atmosphere unique.

The Demo Days event was a memorable event for guests and allowed Terex the opportunity to showcase their facility and build relationships with key customers and potential customers.

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By: Catherine Mayfield



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